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Our need-based support programme for children with disabilities has worked directly with 54 children in the past year. The programme operates in eight Gram Panchayats of Koraput and Dashmantpur block. These are Padagada and Mujanga in Dashmantpur block and Kendar, Manabar, Mastiput, Mahadaiput, Devighat, Padampur in Koraput block. We are grateful for the support of the Stitching Lillian Fund in enabling us to carry out this work. Key achievements:

  • 15 children have been supported for medical treatment.
  • Epilepsy medicine has been provided to children, enabling them to have more independence and play a bigger role in their families and communities.
  • CT scans have been provided for children, enabling greater understanding and treatment of their conditions.
  • Medication has been provided for chest infections.
  • Children have been directly supported to undergo surgery.