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Core values at Ekta

  1. We believe in the principle i.e."Unity is Strength".
  2. We value peoples participation in everything that happens in their community.
  3. We promote decentralization of powers & democratic decision making process.
  4. We value gender equality and equity.
  5. We focus on tribal and disadvantaged sections of our society, especially women and children.
  6. We have respect for people's customs, traditions, practices, culture, resources, manpower, skills, knowledge, experience and techniques.
  7. We are committed to our cause and organisation and work in the true spirit of democratic principles

Core Strategies at Ekta

  1. Mobilization & organization of community people into groups and strengthening them through capacity building, exposure & opportunity.
  2. Being a catalyst, create opportunities at different levels for the community people to identify their issues, prioritize them and fight for their genuine rights & entitlements.
  3. Empowerment of women through formation of groups and involve them in the decision making process.
  4. Promotion of appropriate pro-poor land, water & water management practices leading to preservation and creation of resource based of the community.
  5. Enhancing the resource base and economic opportunities of the target group and developing strategies for promotion and sustainable livelihood options.
  6. Collaborating and coordinating approaches with the district administration, community based organizations, like minded NGOs & other resource agencies for proper and quality implementation of various activities in the operational areas.
  7. Networking with various district, state as well as national level NGOs & resource agencies for lobbying and advocacy for dissemination of information, sharing of experiences & best practices, collective action, influencing policies and collaboration.
  8. To develop as a resource center in a specific areas.